Amiga Projects

My first (and second) computer was an Amiga. It was a great machine for hackers and it got me into programming and computers in general. Listed below are some of my programming projects. If you are interested in the source code for any of these (they are all written in AmigaE), mail me and I will publish the source-code. All of these projects are up for adoption.

Name Description Download
Snuff Another newsreader using the MUI toolkit (unfinished).
Color-Riddle Just another Mastermind-Clone. ColorRiddle13.lha
SortTIC Sorts files depending on Fido tic files. SortTIC.lha
Reboot Reboots your computer (optionally after a delay). This program is placed in the Public Domain. reboot.lha
AmigaE Syntax-Parser A syntax-parser for the editor GoldEd and the programming language AmigaE. AmigaE-Syntax.lha