SortTIC 1.0

SortTIC sorts files depending on Fido TIC files. You have to specify a directory, which is searched for files ending with .tic. The TIC files are interpeted and the specified FILEs are moved to the specified AREAs. The destination-path of the AREA has to be specified in the prefs-file.

To Do

  • flag to scan directories recursively
  • use patterns for directories in prefsfile (e.g.: AREA #? sys:fido/#?)
  • save the DESC of TIC files as filecomment
  • tell the name of the TIC file that had an error

To run SortTIC, you need an Amiga-Computer with at least Kickstart/Workbench 2.04 (V37).

Download the current version (5,894 bytes) here.