I’m back to Debian

So, I finally found time to do Debian work again after a far too long abstinence. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to hand over my Debian stuff gracefully, but fortunately there were people having an eye on them. Jonas Smedegaard had an eye on the Netatalk package and released a security fix for it. The GNOME team, headed by Sebastien Bacher was taking care of ORBit.

The first thing I did was to hotfix some of my packages. Get out a new ORBit release and release a first version of Netatalk 2, a much requested upgrade. This new Netatalk version has many improvements and it’s good to finally have it in Debian, though there is still much work to do. Soon after releasing netatalk-2.0.2-1 I got a bug report concerning CJK support. This is something that needs to go in ASAP, but currently I don’t have the knowledge to review and apply the referenced patch. I’m out of the loop of Netatalk programming as well.

So, let’s have a look at my packages:

This is currently seriously broken and badly needs a port to GNOME 2. AFAIR there is some unfinished work in GNOME CVS, which I have to look into. But at the moment this package is not high priority.
Another GNOME 1 package. Before my hiatus I started to rewrite this package for GNOME 2 and there were grand plans for it. These plans are still there and I have continued the port. I hope to have a working pre-release of the new GNOME 2 package out soon, though there’s still lot of work to do, before this can be uploaded to Debian unstable.
While I’m still listed as maintainer, I handed this package over to Loic Minier a few weeks back, and it seems to be in good hands.
Base package for ORBit 2. Just updated from 0.8.3-1 to 0.8.5-1,
though the upstream changes were only very minor. No open bugs, this package seems to do fine.
Base package for ORBit 1. Obsolete, see below.
As I wrote above I just upgrade this to Netatalk 2.0. While this
was quite a major change (I got rid of the unnecessary netatalk-dev package in the process), I don’t forsee any major problems. The upstream package is quite well tested at this point and included in many other distributions. But you never know …
ORBit 1 is an old, obsolete package from GNOME 1 days. It has a
few open bugs, but probably nothing that is worth fixing. Instead my energies should be focussed on porting all stuff that still depends on it over to GNOME 2 (see also above).
Just upgraded to upstream version 2.12.2. This is a fairly stable,
slowly developed piece of software. Only one open bug in the Debian BTS and that is a wishlist item. This package is also doing fine and needs minimal maintenance.

Now I have to get up to snuff at what’s up with Debian. I completely missed the DPL elections and so I will not vote, since I have not enough information about what’s currently going on. Then there was the interesting proposal about dropping stable support for less-used architectures after sarge. Oh yes, speaking about sarge. It’s still not released. But then I didn’t have high hopes that it would be …


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