Python Bindings for librsvg

Background: I started to re-write the old GNOME Chess application in Python. GNOME Chess is still a Gtk+ 1.2 application and as its Debian maintainer I want a modern version in Debian. Of course the chess board should be drawn with Cairo and the chess pieces were supposed to be SVG graphics. After a little research I noticed that the Debian package of pycairo did not enable SVG support. After I filed a bug report about this I found out that the cairo.svg module depends on the obsolete and not supported libsvg. Instead librsvg offers Cairo support and is the preferred solution. Only that there were no Python binding for librsvg.

So after fighting a whole day with pygtk, pyobject, and assorted tools, I am proud to present pyrsvg, Python bindings for librsvg. They are not really tested and probably need improvement. Please send any bugs or suggestions for improvement to me. In the long term I want this to become part gnome-python or gnome-python-extras.

Update: The bindings are now part of python-gnome-desktop (since version 2.15.1/2.16).


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