Blog Statistics

Yesterday I had a look at the webalizer statistics for this web page. Still, by far the most hits got my review of GTA: San Andreas, followed by several pages that are automatically fetched. It is also by far the entry page #1, with nearly five times as many hits as the root page. The referers to the GTA review are also interesting: Lots of people get there from Google’s image search, and some warez forums also seem to link there. (I wonder why, unfortunately these forums are all non-public.)

Also notable is page #2: /blog/submitcomment.cgi got more than 2000 hits this month alone. This is the script used to submit comments to blog entries. It shows how much comment SPAM I get per month, although only about one or two SPAM comments are not filtered out automatically. It seems that my list of filtered words is rather comprehensive.

Blog Comments

I’ve finally managed to implement comments for my blog. I’m still playing around with the code and especially the layout, but I think it’s an important step forward. The future will probably bring a few more features, like:

  • Improved layout
  • E-mail notifications for new comments
  • Trackback support

Blogging Application

To teach myself C# I have written a little GNOME Blogger application for my custom built blog. This is a first test of it. Of course there’s lots of work still left to do. For example, it doesn’t automatically generate the actual HTML/RSS pages by calling the generation script. Also, I still have to do all HTML markup by hand.

Blog Hacking

Hacked on my blog software today. You can now click on the Magic card names to get information about the particular card from While doing that I improved the XML parser so that the blog XML files are now properly namespaced. This allows easier and better parsing as well as future improvements.