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  • Blog Statistics

    Yesterday I had a look at the webalizer statistics for this web page. Still, by far the most hits got my review of GTA: San Andreas, followed by several pages that are automatically fetched. It is also by far the entry page #1, with nearly five times as many hits as the root page. The referers to the…

  • Blog Comments

    I’ve finally managed to implement comments for my blog. I’m still playing around with the code and especially the layout, but I think it’s an important step forward. The future will probably bring a few more features, like: Improved layout E-mail notifications for new comments Trackback support

  • Blogging Application

    To teach myself C# I have written a little GNOME Blogger application for my custom built blog. This is a first test of it. Of course there’s lots of work still left to do. For example, it doesn’t automatically generate the actual HTML/RSS pages by calling the generation script. Also, I still have to do…

  • Blog Archive

    I have moved older articles from my blog into the archive. A link to the archive is at the end of the main blog page.

  • Blog Hacking

    Hacked on my blog software today. You can now click on the Magic card names to get information about the particular card from While doing that I improved the XML parser so that the blog XML files are now properly namespaced. This allows easier and better parsing as well as future improvements.

  • Welcome to My Blog!

    Welcome to the blog of Sebastian Rittau! In this blog I will put into writing ideas, comments, and remarks on topics that interest me. Currently these are Debian GNU/Linux, the GNOME Desktop Environment, and the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, especially the judging aspect of that game.